A Farm Visit

Here’s what you can expect on your visit to the Killakee Christmas tree farm.

Step 1: Arrive at the Killakee Christmas tree farm, nestled in the Dublin mountains for your pre-booked time slot. Come wrapped up warm and with suitable footwear - wellies are recommended. The friendly team will check you in and give you a tag with your name on it.

Step 2: At the farm, you have a number of choices when picking your tree. You and your family can roam the farm and pick your tree to be cut (*during daylight hours only) or you can browse a huge selection of pre-cut trees and potted trees.

Step 3: Enjoy a walk in the fresh air, take in the amazing views and wander through the trees at various stages of growth. Browse around to find your perfect Christmas Tree and attach your tag to your chosen tree.

Step 4: Wave out to one of the Killakee Christmas Tree Farm staff who will come and cut the tree down for you (*during daylight hours). Get ready to shout “Timber” as a Killakee Christmas Tree farm staff member arrives to cut the tree down. Make sure all children stand a safe distance from the chainsaw while the tree is being cut.

Step 5: Either carry your tree to the netting area or a Killakee Christmas Tree Farm staff member will transport the tree to the netting area for you to get wrapped up.

Step 6: We can prepare the tree for you by drilling a hole in the bottom for a stand, trimming the base of the tree to fit into your stand and netting your tree for ease of transportation. Make sure all children stand a safe distance from the chainsaw or drill while in use.

Step 7: Warm up after your forest visit and enjoy some festive cheer with a hot drink.

Step 8: Browse through a wide selection of handmade wreaths to find the perfect wreath for your home this Christmas.

Step 9: Load your tree into your car, Killakee Christmas Tree Farm staff are on hand to help if required.

Step 10: Take your perfect Christmas tree home and have fun decorating it. Enjoy your tree for the entire Christmas season and remember to recycle it in January.