Killakee Christmas Tree Farm

Killakee Christmas Tree Farm
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Why choose a tree from the
Killakee Christmas Tree Farm?

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a real tree. With their wonderful pine smell, beautiful soft needle foliage, and stunning shape it's no wonder Santa prefers them too! Come pick your own fresh cut Christmas tree from our farm in the Dublin mountains. These trees are sure to impress and the good news is they’re grown in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way (unlike their plastic cousins). We make things easy for you by offering pre-cut trees or pick your own tree in our farm. We’ll trim the base of the tree so it fits your stand. In addition we will wrap the tree for you for ease of transportation.

Our trees cost €50 for all trees up to 9 ft. For trees over 9 ft we will provide a price depending on the height of the tree.

If you are looking for the perfect tree, this is it. Since the early nineties the Nordman Fir have become the nation's favourite Christmas friend. And it's no wonder with their beautiful shape, wonderful smell, and excellent needle retention - these trees were tailor made for family. What's more the Nordman Fir has lovely soft foliage - so won't hurt those delicate little fingers trying to hang the Christmas decorations!

Caring for your Christmas Tree

  • Your Christmas tree is a plant and needs to be treated as such. Heat will cause dehydration of your tree so position the tree away from a direct source of heat i.e. a radiator and leave room to water it regularly.
  • Keep your Christmas tree outside until you are ready to put it up. This will help it to last a little longer.
  • Ensure the base of the tree has been freshly cut so it can absorb water easily. If it hasn’t been recently cut simply score the bottom of the trunk with a sharp knife.
  • Large trees require a pint of water a day so make sure you keep your tree hydrated – either fill your stand with water and replenish as required or keep a large bowl of water near your tree.
  • Don’t forget to unplug tree lights before watering the tree, before going to bed and whenever the tree is unattended.
  • Most people stand their Christmas tree using a "screw in" stand. This stand simply screws into the base of the tree and it is very easy to stand the tree. If a hole has not already been drilled into the base of your tree, drill a hole in line with the leader (use a 6mm drill bit for a 12mm screw) and screw the stand into the tree right to the base of the screw. Stand the tree upright. If it is leaning to one side, put your foot on the leg on the side towards which it is leaning; grip the tree at chest height and push it gently away from you until it is upright.

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